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Is It Time For LED Grow Lights?



With more and more states, cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs are turning into LED grow lights in substantial numbers for their indoor grows. Is this a fad or is LED technology the future of indoor growing?

As more indoor growers can produce a top-shelf solution, the tide has turned in favor of their LEDs. Here we offer some critical factors so you can choose wisely when investing in LED grow lights.

Benefits Of LEDs
By now most growers know the advantages of using LEDs for indoor growing–no scorching hot mature bulbs, lower electricity bills, healthier plants with excellent taste and scent. The jury is still out on some other benefits, like the LEDs’ ability to deter insects and bacteria.

What we do understand is that LEDs are an excellent way to substitute away from energy-intensive HPS and metal halide bulbs; this is just if your light can produce enough of a harvest.

The ideal LED grow lights will give great returns.

For several years LED grow lights weren’t producing the same returns as their high heeled sodium counterparts. Grow light technologies has progressed greatly and top-shelf LEDs such as the G8LED 600W Veg/Flower with UV and IR are able to supply comparable yields to the tried and true 1000W HPS bulbs.

This wonderful light generates healthy plants with vigorous development and tight intermodal spacing to get fuller returns. The advantage of this LED is that it operates at a far lower temperature, consuming less than half the power and gives the grower more control over its own plants. With those lights, cannabis plants grown indoors will have a superb scent, taste and frostiness.

For each square foot of growing space, there should be 20 or more watts (measurement of power) being consumed by the LED grow light. For a 4-ft by 4-ft grow distance (16 square feet), your light should have a power draw of at least 320 watts.

Remember the energy draw of this light will be lower compared to the wattage from the name. Manufacturers tend to name LED grow lights by the total quantity of wattage from the processors used, though those chips are not operating at full capacity. The actual electricity use will always be less for layout security.

The wattage, or power draw of usage, is the amount that needs to be considered when calculating 20 g per square foot of growing space.

The best LED grow lights reduce electric consumption by as much as 60 percent.

Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF)

PAR value is that the photosynthetic photon flux, measured in micromoles (μmoles) per meter squared per second.

If that sounds confusing, do not fret as we will attempt to simplify this metric.

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use sunlight (or indoor grow lighting) to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and oxygen and give off oxygen as a by-product, resulting in plant development. The number of photons of light determines the photosynthetic photon flux mentioned above.

Natural sun has a PAR worth of 1200-1400 micromoles (μmoles). An effective increase light will have a PAR value between 800-1400μmoles. Using lighting with greater PAR values may be counterproductive and cause stunted development of plants.

The different wavelengths of light decide different colors that enter the grow light. Since the entire point of using LEDs is to reduce energy consumption, it’s crucial to go with an efficient unit that maximizes photosynthesis.

This means that the best LED grow lights will probably be targeting anywhere from six to eight different wavelengths of the light spectrum. If you have less than six wavelengths, then the lighting is not advanced enough for robust growth. In case the light contains more than two wavelengths, it is wasting electricity by exposing parts of the light spectrum that the plants do not need. This waste leads to reduced yields and extra heat.

With LEDs, it is likewise possible to emit ultraviolet light, which isn’t feasible with traditional bulbs. LED grow lights that emit UV have the added advantage of rising resin formation on the plant and helping to deter pests at the grow area. Growing with a grow light which has UV diodes increase the effectiveness of your crop.

Invest In Your Lighting

Following the choice of the plant strain, light is the crucial part of the indoor grow backyard. Investing in top-shelf lights like G8LED or Blackdog provides dividends for many years to come. These lights allow growers to run their performance at much lower prices and produce excellent harvests. LED grow lights would be the future of indoor climbing. It’s exciting to find this revolutionary technology transform indoor gardens around the world.

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Crossing Borders with Cannabis will leads to Heavy Fine according to the New System




Canada to implement a new system in which passengers and travellers who caught taking even small amount of Cannabis, Marijuana or similar products could have to pay heavy fine. The FBA is keeping an eye on creating a new effective system in which borer crossing of Cannabis needs to be restricted as it creates lot of issues. The current system has Criminal charge in the book, they are looking to make a new system to charge heavy fines.

Canada their citizens can carry up to 30 g of Cannabis since October 2017. But people can’t take drugs and cross the borders of the country, if found, they will be charged and can be prisoned up to 14 years. If you still have cannabis in your pocket while entering into Canada, it must be declared to the border agency according to the new system.

crosssing borders with cannabis

Failed to intimate in prior could lead to heavy fine as well as criminal charge. Border officials can also seize any vehicles trying to cross the border with cannabis and similar products.

The officials are still working on the amount of fine collected and some other details which is soon expected to be available to the public.

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Cannabis Data: Proceedings till date of Canadian pot legalization system




After two months of the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the new Canada cannabis dominion is still working its way out of certain problems related to the supply and execution of new rules. The government underwent rounds of discussion regarding the legalization of cannabis before the verdict was released. The government had set initial goals such as “keeping the drug out of the reach of children and teenagers”, thereby assuring safety during the supply of recreational marijuana. A report from an eminent media reports on whether the goals set by the government are met or not after two months of the legalization of cannabis.

The Cannabis Act suggests that individuals who are 18 years and above can legally buy the stuff, process it, and can grow the weed, but in small amounts. This growth is not supposed to be for a commercial scale, and only for self-consumption. The different provinces are allowed to set their own age-restrictions regarding the purchase and have set it to 19 years. Quebec’s new Coalition Avenir Quebec government has decided to increase the legal age to 21 years. Despite the legalization in the age, major steps to control the distribution and use amongst youngsters is still undecided. There exists confusion whether the legalization will reduce the trend amongst the kids in a true sense or not.

The cannabis act has however not dealt with the criminals with records fairly. The government had decided to pardon the criminals charged due to the possession of more than 30 grams of cannabis. It still holds a decision to allow simple pot possession to those criminals. Although a pardon can make the guilty not repeat the act, the assurance is still a question. It does not remove the record.

The federal government has requested to regulate the safety and quality assurance to the people and establish a stringent system in production, growth, distribution, and selling of medical cannabis. Even after the pledge, many residents have complained about moldy cannabis. Such an instance was reported by a manufacturer RedeCan, refound its B.E.C. strain in November from Ontario and British Columbia.

The Canadian Press continued to receive illegal weed from a lot of dispensaries. This illegal trading has come up mainly because of the delayed delivery in Ontario Cannabis Store after the first month of the legal verdict. The delayed delivery by OCS was again related to the high demand for the products.

It is not just the recreational cannabis shortage and delay, but the medical cannabis non-availability or delayed delivery of the product has also been seen.

The Bill C-46 outlines the punishment for drug offenses more than a critical level in the blood. The Drager Drug Test 5000 device measures the drug-concentrate in the saliva. Many critics have said that the test takes a lot of time does not work properly in sub-zero temperatures. But this statement has been defended by the federal government as they have approval by Drugs and Driving Committee.

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Cannabis to emerge as future for tobacco farmers switching to Hemp




The US manufacturer of Marlboro cigarettes Altria Group Inc. has made an investment worth $1.8 billion in Cronos Group Inc. This was done to discover new US growth paths when the US rates in smoking are on the verge of rapid decline. This new partnership may start a business from a scratch that might not involve tobacco but marijuana or cannabis instead. The entire rug dependency will shift its focus from tobacco to cannabis thereafter. This can get possible if the cannabis growth at home is legalized, mentioned Mike Gorenstein, the chief executive officer of Toronto-based Cronos.

Altria has a really good relationship with the local farmers who are ready to grown cannabis instead of food. This will certainly prove a great deal of help for the company. The farmers would be asked for an immediate transformation of the agriculture land to a cannabis cultivation area said, Gorenstein.

Altria is in very good terms with thousands of farmers and the company trusts them, and values the relations, stated Altria spokesman Steven Callahan. It is the farmers who decide the fate of the company. Cronos Inc. has its own farm, situated 80 km from Toronto. Though at a very far off place, the best deal with the company is the quality, genetics involved in cultivation, and the intellectual property. The shares of the company are as much as 22% in the deal signed by Altria, thus claiming the position of being the fourth largest company in the pot-market. The market shares of Cronos are about $2.3 billion.

Yet another group of farmers has decided to bring up Hemp in their field. Hemp is a variety of cannabis that does not get high. These farmers in the US tobacco belt, Kentucky, will continue to shift till the Hemp growth is legalized through bill enacts.

Cannabis can also prove as an alternative for the soybean farmers in the USA. These farmers have been hit badly by the Chinese tariffs in the trade war mentioned the Bloomberg Intelligence analyst, Alvin Tai said in a report.

Like Cronos. CannTrust Holdings Incis also trying to make a pact with the farmers of Niagara, Ontario, who have expressed their wish to grow cannabis as well, said the CEO of the company, Peter Aceto. Therefore, it is not just the Cronos which is trying a way to deal with the situation, but others as well. All the companies depend completely on the will of the farmers who want to switch.

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