The High Road to Success: Berner’s Blueprint in the Cannabis Industry

From the streets of San Francisco to the glossy pages of Forbes, Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., better known as Berner, has cultivated more than just cannabis—he has grown an empire. As the CEO of Cookies, Berner has not only navigated the complex terrain of the cannabis industry but has also set new standards for business success and innovation.

Berner’s journey began with a passion for music and an entrepreneurial spirit. His early days saw him hustling mixtapes and building a name for himself in the Bay Area rap scene. But it was his foresight in recognizing the potential of the cannabis market that truly set him apart. Berner co-founded Cookies in 2010, and since then, the brand has become synonymous with premium quality and cutting-edge genetics.

The company’s rise was meteoric, propelled by Berner’s unique blend of street savvy and business acumen. Cookies’ expansion into a global phenomenon with over 70 retail locations is a testament to his vision. The brand’s success lies in its ability to stay ahead of trends, constantly innovating and expanding its product line to cater to a discerning clientele.

Cultivating Culture and Commerce

Berner’s influence extends beyond the cannabis industry. He has built a lifestyle brand that resonates with consumers on multiple levels. Cookies SF, his streetwear and accessories line, bridges the gap between cannabis culture and fashion, further solidifying his status as a cultural icon.

His commitment to social impact is evident in his advocacy work. Berner has been a vocal proponent for the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis, using his platform to address the injustices of the War on Drugs. His efforts have not gone unnoticed, with Cookies being recognized as one of America’s Hottest Brands by AdAge.

The Future of Cannabis Entrepreneurship

As the first cannabis executive to grace the cover of Forbes, Berner’s story is one of triumph over adversity. His approach to business—rooted in authenticity, innovation, and community—has redefined what it means to be a leader in the cannabis space.

The future looks green for Berner and Cookies, with plans to continue expanding their global footprint and influence. The brand’s success serves as a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry and beyond, proving that with the right blend of passion and perseverance, the sky’s the limit.

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