Chesterfield Township Welcomes Its First Recreational Marijuana Store

After a long and contentious debate, Chesterfield Township has finally allowed its first recreational marijuana store to open its doors. The store, called Jars Cannabis, is located on Winter Woods Boulevard near State Road 436, and offers a variety of products, such as flower, edibles, vapes, and CBD.

Chesterfield Township was one of the many communities in Michigan that initially opted out of allowing recreational marijuana businesses, after the state voters approved the legalization of the substance in 2018. The township board cited concerns about public safety, health, and zoning, and said they wanted to wait and see how other municipalities handled the issue.

However, some residents and activists disagreed with the board’s decision, and launched a petition drive in 2022 to put the question of recreational marijuana on the ballot. They argued that the township was missing out on tax revenue, economic opportunities, and consumer choice, and that the prohibition of marijuana was ineffective and unjust.

The petition drive was successful, and the township voters had the chance to decide whether to allow recreational marijuana businesses in their community. The pro-marijuana side won with 57% of the vote, overturning the board’s opt-out ordinance, and paving the way for the first recreational marijuana store to open.

How Chesterfield Township Regulates Recreational Marijuana

After the voters approved recreational marijuana, the township board had to draft a new ordinance to regulate the industry. The board consulted with various stakeholders, such as law enforcement, health officials, business owners, and residents, and came up with a set of rules and guidelines for recreational marijuana businesses.

The ordinance limits the number of recreational marijuana stores to six, and requires them to obtain a license from the township and the state, and to pay an annual fee of $5,000. The ordinance also sets the minimum distance between recreational marijuana stores and schools, churches, parks, and residential areas, and prohibits the consumption of marijuana on the premises.

The ordinance also establishes a marijuana advisory committee, composed of township officials and representatives from various sectors, to monitor and review the impact of recreational marijuana on the community, and to make recommendations for future changes or improvements.

How Chesterfield Township Benefits from Recreational Marijuana

The first recreational marijuana store, Jars Cannabis, opened on Monday, Feb. 19, 2024, six years after Michigan legalized recreational marijuana. The store is owned and operated by a Michigan-based company, which also has locations in Detroit, Lansing, Bay City, and Newaygo.

The store manager, Marcel Kattula, said he was excited to be the first recreational marijuana store in Chesterfield Township, and that he hoped to provide a safe, comfortable, and professional experience for his customers. He said he worked closely with the township officials and the community to ensure compliance and cooperation.

The store is expected to generate tax revenue and jobs for the township, as well as to attract more customers and visitors from nearby areas. The township will receive 15% of the 10% excise tax imposed on recreational marijuana sales by the state, as well as a portion of the 6% sales tax. The store will also employ about 20 people, and will support local vendors and suppliers.

The store is also expected to contribute to the social and cultural diversity of the township, as well as to the reduction of the black market and the stigma associated with marijuana. The store will offer educational and informational materials, as well as community outreach and engagement programs, to promote responsible and informed consumption of marijuana.

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