Crossing Borders with Cannabis will leads to Heavy Fine according to the New System

Canada to implement a new system in which passengers and travellers who caught taking even small amount of Cannabis, Marijuana or similar products could have to pay heavy fine. The FBA is keeping an eye on creating a new effective system in which borer crossing of Cannabis needs to be restricted as it creates lot of issues. The current system has Criminal charge in the book, they are looking to make a new system to charge heavy fines.

Canada their citizens can carry up to 30 g of Cannabis since October 2017. But people can’t take drugs and cross the borders of the country, if found, they will be charged and can be prisoned up to 14 years. If you still have cannabis in your pocket while entering into Canada, it must be declared to the border agency according to the new system.

crosssing borders with cannabis

Failed to intimate in prior could lead to heavy fine as well as criminal charge. Border officials can also seize any vehicles trying to cross the border with cannabis and similar products.

The officials are still working on the amount of fine collected and some other details which is soon expected to be available to the public.

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