Former Four-Star Hotel in Hull Turned into a Massive Cannabis Farm

Police raided an abandoned four-star hotel in Hull city centre and discovered a huge cannabis factory inside. The former Portland Hotel, which closed down in 2019, was used by a gang of drug growers to cultivate thousands of cannabis plants, worth an estimated £1.6 million.

The raid took place on Friday, February 16, 2023, after police received a tip-off from a member of the public. Police officers forced their way into the hotel and found the entire building, which has 28 rooms and four floors, was converted into a sophisticated cannabis farm. They seized more than 3,000 plants, along with lighting, heating, and ventilation equipment.

Two men, Ngoc Nguyen, 28, and Hai Hoang, 26, who were inside the hotel, tried to escape by jumping out of a window, but were arrested by the police. They were charged with producing a controlled drug and appeared at Hull Magistrates’ Court on Monday, February 19, 2023.

The Hotel Was Once a Popular and Prestigious Venue

The hotel, which was formerly known as the Portland Hotel, was once a popular and prestigious venue in Hull city centre. It was built in 1967 and had a four-star rating, with a restaurant, a bar, a conference room, and a gym. It hosted many events and guests, such as weddings, parties, business meetings, and celebrities.

The hotel was sold to Britannia Hotels in 2017, and was rebranded as the Royal Hotel Hull. However, the hotel suffered from a decline in quality and reputation, and received many negative reviews and complaints from customers. The hotel closed down in 2019, and was put up for sale for £1.5 million.

The hotel remained vacant and neglected for more than three years, until it was taken over by the cannabis growers, who used it as a base for their illegal operation. The hotel was not secured or monitored by the owners or the authorities, and was easily accessed by the gang, who bypassed the electricity meter and tapped into the mains supply.

The Cannabis Factory Was One of the Largest Ever Found in Hull

The cannabis factory that was found in the hotel was one of the largest ever found in Hull, according to the police. The police said that the cannabis plants were of high quality and potency, and that the gang had invested a lot of money and effort into setting up and maintaining the farm. The police also said that the cannabis farm posed a fire and safety hazard, and that the gang had endangered themselves and the public.

The police praised the member of the public who alerted them to the cannabis farm, and urged anyone who has any information or suspicions about drug-related activities to contact them. The police said that they are determined to crack down on drug production and supply in Hull, and that they will not tolerate anyone who exploits the city’s properties and communities for their criminal gain.

The police also appealed to the owners and landlords of vacant and abandoned properties in Hull, and asked them to secure and monitor their premises, and to report any signs of trespassing or tampering. The police said that they will work with the owners and landlords to prevent and detect any drug-related activities in their properties, and to protect the city’s assets and heritage.

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