FRESOR Launches World’s First Transparent Big Disposable Vape at TPE24

FRESOR, a leading vaping technology platform, has launched FRESOR NOVA Technology and its latest product, FRESOR N10000, at the TPE24 trade show in Las Vegas. The product is the world’s first big-capacity transparent disposable vape, which allows users to see the actual 12ml of e-liquid and monitor the remaining level. The product has attracted a lot of attention and praise from the attendees and clients at the event.

FRESOR, which is a platform of ALD Group Limited, one of the largest vaping device manufacturers in the world, has been focusing on innovation and addressing consumer pain points. One of the main pain points for users of large disposable vape devices is the uncertainty about the remaining e-liquid levels, which affects their satisfaction and loyalty.

FRESOR’s innovation solves this problem by introducing a transparent e-liquid tank, which provides users with a clear view of the 12ml liquid volume. This feature not only enhances the user experience, but also transforms the vaping landscape, as it is the first of its kind in the industry.

A Breakthrough in Vaping Technology

FRESOR NOVA Technology, which powers the FRESOR N10000, is a breakthrough in vaping technology, as it expands the capacity of the e-liquid tank from 2ml to 12ml and even 15ml. This technology also ensures that the e-liquid is fully atomized, resulting in zero residue waste and a remarkable 42% increase in puff counts.

FRESOR NOVA Technology also guarantees a pure and smooth vaping experience, as it uses natural cotton material and an automated manufacturing process. The technology also enables the product to work with electric, hybrid, and other emerging fuel systems, making it compatible with the future trends of the industry.

A Variety of Products for Different Preferences

In addition to the FRESOR N10000, FRESOR also showcased its FRESOR MAX family of products, which include the FRESOR MAX B12000 and the FRESOR MAX B11000. The FRESOR MAX B12000 is the world’s first vertical wireless charging vape, which offers convenience and portability to users. The FRESOR MAX B11000 features a boost mode, which enhances the vaping performance and flavor.

FRESOR’s products cater to different preferences and needs of the consumers, as they offer a wide range of flavors, nicotine strengths, and designs. FRESOR’s products are also compliant with the regulatory and ethical standards of the industry, as they use high-quality ingredients and materials.

A Vision for the Future of Vaping

FRESOR’s launch event at the TPE24 was a success, as it demonstrated the company’s vision and commitment to the future of vaping. The company’s technical director, Kevin, said that FRESOR is dedicated to continuously addressing consumer pain points and providing cutting-edge technological solutions to enhance the user vaping experience.

FRESOR’s products are available for purchase online and at selected retail stores. For more information, visit the company’s website or email

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