Germany’s Green Light: Federal President Approves Cannabis Legalization

In a historic move, Germany’s Federal President has given the final sign-off to legalize cannabis, marking a significant shift in the nation’s drug policy. This decision comes after a period of intense debate and is set to change the landscape of cannabis use in Germany.

The Legislative Milestone The Federal President’s approval clears the last legislative hurdle, setting the stage for cannabis to become legal in Germany starting April 1st. This momentous occasion coincides with Easter Monday, symbolizing a rebirth in German drug legislation.

The Opposition’s Concerns Despite the Christian Democrats’ appeals and objections from state interior and justice ministers, the law passed the Bundesrat on March 22nd, following approval by the Bundestag last month. The Presidential signature is the final step required to make German laws official after parliamentary approval.

Implementation in Phases

Immediate Legal Changes From April 1st, individuals will be legally allowed to possess and consume cannabis and grow up to three plants at home. They can carry up to 25 grams on their person and have a total possession limit of 50 grams.

Staged Rollout The full implementation of the law will occur in stages. Until July 1st, the only legal means to obtain cannabis will be through personal cultivation. On July 1st, cannabis clubs will open for distribution, providing a regulated source for consumers.

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