Ilocos Sur police destroy P4 million worth of marijuana plants

Police in Ilocos Sur have discovered and destroyed four marijuana plantations in the town of Sugpon, with an estimated market value of P4 million. The operation, which was conducted on February 21, 2024, also resulted in the identification of one cultivator, who managed to escape. The police said that the marijuana plantations were located in a remote and mountainous area, which made them difficult to detect and access.

The marijuana plantations were found by the joint forces of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Region 1, the Ilocos Sur Provincial Police Office, and the Sugpon Municipal Police Station. The operation was based on the information provided by an asset, who was able to identify the cultivator and the location of the plantations.

According to the police, the plantations were situated in Sawangan, Barangay Danac, Sugpon, Ilocos Sur, near the boundary of Benguet province. The plantations had a total land area of 2,600 square meters, and contained approximately 11,000 fully grown marijuana plants. The police said that the plantations were well-maintained and irrigated, and that the cultivator had been operating for a long time.

How the marijuana plants were destroyed

The police destroyed the marijuana plants by uprooting and burning them on site. The police also collected samples of the plants for laboratory examination and evidence. The police said that the destruction of the plants was witnessed by representatives from the local government, the Department of Justice, and the media.

The police estimated that the marijuana plants had a market value of P2,180,000, based on the standard price of P200 per plant. The police said that the destruction of the plants would prevent them from reaching the illegal drug market, and would also discourage other cultivators from engaging in the same activity.

What the police are doing to catch the cultivator

The police said that they have already identified the cultivator, who was able to evade arrest during the operation. The police said that the cultivator is a resident of Sugpon, and that he is facing charges for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

The police said that they are conducting follow-up operations to locate and arrest the cultivator, as well as to identify his possible cohorts and sources of supply. The police also appealed to the public to report any information regarding the illegal cultivation and trafficking of marijuana in the area.

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