Morgantown’s Modernization: Streamlining Permits and Regulating Vape Shops

In a progressive move, Morgantown is set to modernize its permitting process with a new online portal and take steps to regulate vape shops, reflecting the city’s commitment to efficiency and public health.

The city is on the brink of launching a new system that will transform how residents interact with municipal services. The Cityworks portal, expected to go live on April 23, will allow users to file and track permits, pay fees, and communicate with city staff. This digital leap is aimed at improving business practices and providing timely assistance to citizens.

The system promises transparency, with applicants able to monitor the status of their requests and receive direct feedback from city officials. It’s a significant upgrade from the traditional paper-based process, which will also see improvements.

Vape Shops in the Vapor

Morgantown is also looking to regulate vape shops more strictly. A proposed zoning code change would limit new tobacco and vape shops to specific districts, requiring them to be at least 1,500 feet apart and away from schools or daycare centers.

This ordinance, modeled after similar laws in other cities, is currently under review by the Morgantown Planning Commission. It aims to address concerns about the proliferation of vape shops and their impact on public health and the cityscape.

A Balancing Act

The city’s dual efforts to streamline services while tightening regulations on vape shops illustrate a balancing act between fostering growth and protecting community welfare. As Morgantown embraces these changes, it sets an example for other cities navigating the complexities of modern governance.

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