Navarra suspends gambling licences

gambling licences

During the last weeks, there have been a number of blows on gambling in Spain. The most recent was Navarra, which won’t issue any new gambling licences in the region.

The local government announced that it will not issue new authorisations, preventing the opening of new businesses. This includes bookmakers, gambling rooms and bingo halls in the region in northern Spain.

gambling licences

As if it wasn’t enough, Navarra not only denies new licences, but analyses a regulatory change. That’s actually why they stop issuing permits. Meanwhile, they are creating an interdepartmental commission to analyse regulation changes for the segment.

In the region there are 50 gambling rooms, of which half are in Pamplona. That is why the city mayor celebrated the measure. Enrique Maya said he “congratulated” the decision taken by the Executive Power. In addition, he said that they “will support everything aimed at stopping this serious problem.”

Other bans

The industry has been under siege in Spain for some months and in several autonomous communities. For that matter, Barcelona banned new gaming rooms in the city.

Following what happened in Catalonia, Valencia now analyses acting against gaming as well. That’s why lawmakers want to limit the rooms to no less than 700 meters from any educational centre. That proposal failed originally, but the authorities are trying to push again for a similar measure.

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