South Dakota Voters to Decide on Marijuana Legalization Measure

South Dakota voters will once again have the opportunity to weigh in on the legalization of recreational marijuana. The Secretary of State’s office has validated a measure for the November general election ballot, marking the third time this issue has appeared before voters in the conservative state.

In 2020, voters approved a similar measure, but it was ultimately struck down in court. In 2022, voters rejected another attempt. Now, the proposed measure aims to legalize recreational marijuana for individuals aged 21 and older. It includes possession limits of up to 2 ounces of marijuana (excluding concentrated cannabis or cannabis products) and allows for cultivation of plants with certain restrictions.

If successful, the measure backers plan to work with the Legislature to implement business licensing, taxation, and other regulations. Advocates believe that South Dakotans deserve the freedom to make their own choices regarding responsible cannabis use. However, opponents argue that voters already had their say on the issue in 2022 when they rejected recreational marijuana.

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