Cracking Down on Vape Sales to Minors: Suffolk County Takes Action

In a decisive move to protect minors, Suffolk County Police have arrested individuals from two smoke shops in Coram and Port Jeff Station for the illegal sale of vape and tobacco products to underage customers.

Targeted Enforcement Responding to community complaints, the Sixth Precinct Crime Section officers conducted a targeted investigation into local businesses. The operation revealed violations at Coram Smoke Shop and Elite Tobacco Shop, leading to the arrests of Manjit Gidha and Muhammed Kilic.

Legal Repercussions Both employees were charged with Unlawfully Dealing with a Child and are scheduled to appear in court at a later date. These arrests underscore the county’s commitment to enforcing laws designed to prevent minors from accessing harmful substances.

Community Reaction

A Welcome Development Parents and school officials have welcomed the arrests, expressing relief at the authorities’ swift action. The crackdown is seen as a crucial step in deterring businesses from flouting regulations that safeguard the health and well-being of the youth.

The Ongoing Battle Despite these efforts, the challenge persists, with vape products remaining popular among teens. The community continues to call for vigilance and stricter enforcement to combat the sale of nicotine products to minors.

The Path Forward

Strengthening Safeguards As the legal process unfolds, the focus turns to strengthening safeguards against the sale of vape products to minors. The arrests made at Coram and Port Jeff Station serve as a stark reminder of the need for continuous community engagement and law enforcement to uphold the law.

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