TN government cracks down on shops selling banned tobacco products

The Tamil Nadu government has sealed around 6,500 shops selling banned tobacco and gutka products in the past three months, as part of its efforts to curb the menace of tobacco consumption and cancer in the state. The health minister Ma Subramanian announced this on Thursday, while speaking at an annual awareness programme on prevention of cancer caused by tobacco and gutka, organized by the Adyar Cancer Institute and other departments. The minister said that the government was determined to enforce the ban on tobacco and gutka products, which was imposed in 2013, and take strict action against the violators.

A screening of 4.5 lakh people to detect cancer at an early stage

The minister also said that the health department had screened a total of 4.5 lakh people in four districts of the state, where tanneries and dyeing units are prevalent, to detect cancer at an early stage. The districts are Tirupattur, Ranipet, Kanyakumari and Erode. The screening revealed a few cases of cervical, breast and oral cancers, which were referred to the appropriate treatment facilities. The minister said that the government was taking serious efforts for cancer prevention and control, and had provided PET scan facilities to five hospitals in the state.

A youth health mela to create awareness among young people

The minister was addressing the 7th Youth Health Mela, which was aimed at creating awareness among young people about the harmful effects of tobacco and gutka products, and the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. The three-day event, which began on Thursday, will feature cultural events, workshops and symposiums on various topics related to cancer prevention and treatment. The event is expected to attract around 10,000 students from various schools and colleges in the city. The minister urged the young people to stay away from tobacco and gutka products, and to spread the message of anti-tobacco and anti-cancer to their peers and families.

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