Triverity Analytical: Pioneering Cannabis Testing in the Black Hills

Rapid City, South Dakota, marks a significant milestone in cannabis regulation with the opening of Triverity Analytical’s new testing laboratory. This facility is set to revolutionize the standards of cannabis quality and safety for consumers.

Triverity Analytical’s latest lab in Rapid City is their third location, joining the ranks of their Colorado and Northern Ireland facilities. With a ribbon-cutting ceremony that signifies a new era in cannabis quality assurance, Triverity is poised to set unprecedented benchmarks in analytical precision and compliance.

The lab’s mission is clear: to ensure that the cannabis products reaching consumers meet the highest standards of safety. Laboratory Director Heather Krebs and CEO Wendi Young emphasize the importance of testing for THC content, pesticides, mycotoxins, residual solvents, and heavy metals, ensuring that products are safe for consumption.

Collaborative Efforts for Consumer Safety

Local cultivation businesses express enthusiasm for the lab’s presence, highlighting the benefits of having a reliable testing partner in the region. Cultivation Manager Joshua Swanson underscores the value of timely test results and the assurance it brings to patients regarding product safety.

The collaboration between Triverity and local businesses is a testament to the community’s commitment to consumer safety and product reliability. This partnership is crucial in maintaining trust and transparency in the rapidly growing cannabis market.

A Bright Future for Cannabis Testing

As Triverity Analytical opens its doors, it sets its sights on working with various locations across the state. The lab’s cutting-edge equipment and dedication to learning represent a significant advancement in the field of cannabis testing.

The establishment of this laboratory in the Black Hills is a forward-thinking move that will likely influence cannabis regulation and consumer safety standards nationwide. Triverity Analytical is not just a lab; it’s a beacon of progress in the cannabis industry.

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