Vape Vendetta: UK’s Crackdown on Disposable E-Cigarettes

The UK’s impending ban on disposable vapes has sparked a call for stiffer penalties against non-compliant shops. The Local Government Association (LGA) argues that the proposed £100 fine is insufficient to deter businesses from selling these products post-ban.

The LGA’s stance is clear: the current fixed-penalty notice of £100 is too lenient. They suggest that without more severe consequences, some businesses might consider the fine a cost-effective risk worth taking to continue sales. The association is advocating for an amendment to the tobacco and vaping bill, allowing councils to impose heftier fines.

Environmental and Health Concerns

Disposable vapes, while popular, pose significant environmental and health risks. The LGA has highlighted the issues of littering, hazards in waste management, and the appeal of these products to children. They urge for an outright ban to address these concerns effectively.

A Call for Action

The LGA’s proposal extends beyond fines. They recommend utilizing new duties on vaping liquid to fund local environmental, public health, and enforcement services. This approach aims to create a smoke-free generation while ensuring e-cigarettes remain available for those seeking to quit smoking.

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