Underage Cannabis Sale Costs Kamloops Pot Shop $7,000 Fine

A Kamloops pot shop has been fined $7,000 for selling cannabis to a 16-year-old undercover agent, in violation of B.C.’s Cannabis Control and Licensing Act. The shop, Fiore Fresco, admitted the offence and apologized, saying it was a “gross mistake” by a trainee on his second day of work. The fine is the minimum penalty for a first offence, and the shop has taken measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.

The incident happened on July 11, 2023, when a 16-year-old working as an undercover government agent entered Fiore Fresco, located at 750 Fortune Dr., and asked for a “Pineapple Pre-roll”. The clerk, who was a trainee, and an assistant manager told the agent that they did not have any in stock, but offered other options. The agent chose a product called Blkmkt Pre-Roll Peanut Butter Mac, which had a THC level of 26.2 per cent.

At no point during the transaction did the clerk or the assistant manager ask the agent for identification, which is required by law for anyone who looks under 30. The agent paid $12.50 for the product and left the store. Another inspector, who was also undercover, witnessed the sale and reported it to the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB).

Shop Admitted the Offence and Apologized

The LCRB issued a Notice of Enforcement Action to Fiore Fresco on August 9, 2023, charging the shop with selling cannabis to a minor, which carries a maximum penalty of $100,000 or 15 days of suspension. The shop had the option to either pay a monetary penalty or request a hearing.

A representative of the shop admitted the offence and apologized, calling it an anomaly and “a gross mistake” by a trainee who was not properly supervised. The representative said the shop had a “culture of compliance” and had trained its staff to ask for two pieces of ID from anyone who looked under 30. The representative also said the shop had added an age prompt on its point-of-sale software, and had regular staff meetings and group chats to reinforce the importance of ID checks.

Shop Fined the Minimum Penalty of $7,000

The LCRB accepted the shop’s admission and apology, and imposed the minimum penalty of $7,000 for a first offence. The LCRB said the penalty was appropriate and proportional to the seriousness of the contravention, and that it would deter future violations. The LCRB also said the penalty would protect public safety and prevent the harm that cannabis consumption could cause to minors.

The shop paid the fine on September 9, 2023, and avoided a suspension. The shop also agreed to comply with the law and the regulations, and to cooperate with the LCRB in any future inspections or investigations.

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