Victoria’s Vigilance: Implementing Tobacco Shop Licensing

In a decisive move to combat the illegal tobacco trade, Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan has announced the government’s plan to implement a tobacco shop licensing system by the end of the year. This initiative is set to address the spate of fire bombings linked to the illicit tobacco market, marking a significant step in regulatory enforcement.

After years of recommendations and growing concerns over the illegal tobacco trade, Victoria is poised to establish a licensing scheme for tobacco shops. The initiative, which follows a series of firebombings, aims to crack down on the underground market that has been thriving in the absence of stringent controls.

The Scheme’s Structure

The proposed licensing system is expected to reinforce the efforts of Victorian Police in tackling organized crime associated with the illegal tobacco trade. Premier Allan emphasized the importance of supporting legitimate businesses during this transition, acknowledging the role of small businesses in the community.

Looking Ahead

With the legislation set to be introduced by the end of 2024, the government’s commitment to this scheme underscores its dedication to public health and safety. The move is also seen as a critical step in aligning Victoria with other states that have similar licensing systems in place.

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