West Michigan to Welcome Cannabis and Alcohol Music Venue

West Michigan will soon have a new music venue that will offer both cannabis and alcohol for consumption. The venue, called Field of Greens, is the brainchild of the organizers of Cannabash, a cannabis-friendly music festival that featured Ludacris as the headliner last year. The venue, located in Baldwin, is expected to open this spring and host five events this summer.

Field of Greens is a 30-acre open-air concert space that will allow music lovers to enjoy live performances while choosing their preferred recreational substance. The venue will have a fence dividing the area into two sections: one for cannabis and one for alcohol. The venue will also have food trucks, vendors, and camping facilities.

The organizers of Field of Greens, Grams & Jams Productions, said that they wanted to create a unique concept that would cater to different preferences and needs of the consumers. They said that they wanted to normalize and destigmatize cannabis consumption and alcohol consumption as an experience, and provide everyone with a legal and safe option.

A Challenge for the State Regulations

Field of Greens will have to comply with the state regulations that govern the sale and consumption of cannabis and alcohol. The organizers said that they have obtained a marijuana event organizer license and a temporary marijuana event license from the state, which will allow them to sell and consume cannabis on site. They will also acquire a temporary liquor license through their nonprofit arm, which will allow them to sell and consume alcohol on site.

The organizers said that they have also received the support and approval from the local government of Baldwin, which is about an hour north of Grand Rapids. They said that Baldwin was a historic African American vacation destination, and that they wanted to revive the local economy and culture.

A Vision for the Future of Entertainment

Field of Greens is not only a music venue, but also a vision for the future of entertainment. The organizers said that they wanted to showcase the potential and benefits of cannabis and alcohol as part of the entertainment industry, and to support the local artists and businesses. They said that they wanted to create a community and a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

Field of Greens is scheduled to open this spring, and will host five events this summer, featuring local and national artists. The first event, Cannabash 2024, will take place on May 24, and will have a lineup of hip-hop, rock, and reggae artists. For more information, visit the website or email info@fieldofgreensmi.com.

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