The Bahamas Moves to Regulate Cannabis Use: A Milestone in Healthcare

NASSAU, The Bahamas – The Minister of Health and Wellness, the Hon. Dr. Michael Darville, has introduced the long-awaited Cannabis Bill 2023 to Parliament. This groundbreaking legislation aims to regulate the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes and related needs.

The Cannabis Bill 2023: Key Highlights

  1. Controlled System for Medical Use: The centerpiece of this legislative package, the Cannabis Bill 2023, establishes a controlled system for cannabis use in medical treatments. It addresses the urgent need to provide relief to patients suffering from conditions such as cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, and clinical depression.
  2. Bahamas Cannabis Authority: The bill also creates the Bahamas Cannabis Authority, a regulatory body responsible for overseeing all aspects of cannabis management – from cultivation to distribution. The authority’s mandate is to ensure safe and effective integration of cannabis into the healthcare system.
  3. Decriminalization and Quality Assurance: The Bahamas joins other Caribbean nations in recognizing the medical value of cannabis. The Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Bill reclassifies cannabis, removing it from the list of “dangerous drugs.” This change aligns national laws with evolving global perspectives on cannabis, emphasizing its potential for medical use based on scientific evidence.

Compassion, Determination, and Hope

Dr. Darville emphasized that this legislation is inspired by the people. After extensive consultations with community leaders, medical professionals, religious groups, and the Rastafarian community, the bill was shaped to serve families, neighbors, and friends who seek compassionate solutions to their health challenges.

The journey toward cannabis regulation has been humbling, reinforcing the belief that healthcare extends beyond symptom treatment. It’s about touching lives, understanding human experiences, and acting with empathy and courage.


The Bahamas takes a significant step forward by regulating cannabis use for medical purposes. The Cannabis Bill 2023 and the Bahamas Cannabis Authority signal hope, compassion, and progress in healthcare. As the nation embraces this new framework, patients can look forward to improved access and relief.

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