B.C. Transporter Faces Legal Battle After U.S. Border Cannabis Seizure

VANCOUVER, B.C. – A B.C. transport firm finds itself embroiled in a legal dispute after a shipment of cannabis was seized at the U.S. border. We Grow BC Ltd. and Alberta-based Westleaf Labs are suing the Kelowna-based Seven Elk Shipping for $834,000, alleging negligence. However, Seven Elk countersued, claiming they were instructed not to take the shipment across the border. The dispute centers on shipping agreements and liability, with both sides presenting conflicting narratives.

The Background

In January 2023, We Grow BC and Westleaf Labs engaged Seven Elk to transport cannabis products within Canada. The shipment consisted of approximately 151,300 grams of cannabis products and paraphernalia, valued at $823,317. Despite the shipping agreements specifying that Seven Elk should not attempt to transport cannabis products through the United States, the truck carrying the shipment crossed the border at the Peace Arch crossing and was subsequently seized.

Dueling Claims

Seven Elk’s response asserts that the shipment was “funnelled” to the Blaine-Peace Arch border crossing due to circumstances beyond their control. They deny breaching their contractual services and argue that We Grow BC and Westleaf are liable for inadequate insurance coverage and failure to follow proper procedures. The negligence, they claim, contributed to the damages resulting from the seizure.

As the legal battle unfolds, the cannabis industry watches closely. The outcome will have implications for transport companies, cannabis businesses, and cross-border logistics.

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