CBD industry news and trends: 5 things that matter

CBD Industry

The biggest headlines for the CBD industry right now, include five key topics. A supply squeeze for high quality CBD may be on the cards. Analysts also believe that the resignation of Scott Gottlieb from the FDA is unlikely to affect the direction in which the cannabidiol industry will evolve. Cancer CBD research is tipped as a major areas Universities should focus on. Finally, product vetting came up as a very important issue as cheap Chinese CBD attempts to make inroads to America. Off course Terravidaonline also launched a line of potent, pure CBD vape that many consumers are yet to discover. Let’s explore this in detail:

Terravidaonline has a range of CBD vape options:

Known as the company with the strongest and purest CBD in their product range, Terravidaonline also boasts a popular range of CBD vape products. They wholesale this to the industry as well as sell it direction to consumers. CBD vaping is supposed to be one of the fastest growing trends in the US right now. (Read more here about CBD vape products)

Will we face a CBD supply squeeze?

New CBD brands are constantly launching, many which are trying to build up stock levels. At the same time, consumers are coming round to the idea of bulk purchasing: not merely to avoid possible shortages – but to save money on what many consider to be a lifeline. But companies like Industrial Hemp Partners, who provide almost the whole US industry with high quality CBD isolate, as well as Terravidaonline which does CBD wholesale to the industry, may have a limit as to how much they can provide to new brands. The prediction is that for the next two to three years, high quality CBD wholesalers that provide certified products, made in the US, will likely face a supply squeeze. You should therefore be worried about buying cheap CBD: a good product is likely to be more costly.

CBD Industry

FDA resignation unlikely to impact the future of CBD:

CNBC alluded to the resignation of Scott Gottlieb as a critical factor in the future of CBD, however this most likely not the case at all. For the health and wellbeing of an entire country to hang in the balance due to the resignation of one government employee is simply unimaginable. Firstly, because congress debate these issues regularly as progress is shaped at a federal level. Secondly, because individual states have been far ahead of the game in legalizing CBD hemp products long before the Farm Bill simply caught up.

More research on cancer and CBD:

Mounting claims about CBD and cancer will require more research. Claims include that cannabinoids may slow down the growth of cancer in the body. It is also useful to reduce nausea associated with chemotherapy. Given the significance of CBD around the world – as more governments legalize it across Europe, Asia and elsewhere, it is for American universities to help fill the void by stepping up research efforts.

Product vetting:

Just how important is it to vet your products with CBD cannabidiol? Well, this is a very interesting topic right now – and no less important. Firstly, it starts with selecting CBD hemp products that are produced without any pesticides: organically. It also has to be non-GMO certified. Chances that CBD from China have been compromised, is naturally quite high as the country grapples with high levels of toxic soil and other pollution. Therefore, even “certified” Chinese CBD may not deliver the health benefits you’re after – which is why to date NO Doctor came forward in support of it. The problem comes when US brands re-label Chinese CBD products. It is therefore critical to inspect the certificates of a CBD product, which is often available online.


Brand new CBD products will keep launching for both pets and humans. As both the legal and consumer landscape evolves, there will no doubt be further shifts in this industry. One thing is certain, consumers are fast waking up to the idea that cheap CBD is not an option, as product certification becomes more important. Will we face a supply squeeze in CBD? Consumers will know soon.

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