Who makes the strongest CBD cannabidiol in America?

cannabidiol in america

It is no secret that people use CBD as a replacement for much more harmful and addictive medicines. After all, America struggles with an opioid crisis precisely for this reason. In this context, most folks who seek to fight back against chronic pain and serious autoimmune conditions, tend to seek out some rather strong CBD.

So the question is: Who makes the strongest CBD in America?

After looking into it, the answer has to be TERRAVIDAONLINE.com. Let’s explain: This 5000MG CBD tincture is so strong that the recommended dosage on the company website is 1 drop. The most authoritative Health site in the US, Healthline also tipped Terravida full spectrum CBD oil as being “the most potent” that they tried.

Is potency the main factor when buying CBD?

It is important to get your dosage strength right, however one Terravida supporter pointed out that quality certification is a critical issue when choosing CBD, when she tipped patients to buy from her preferred supplier. Dr. Deepa Verma, the founder of Synergistiq Integrative Health in Florida said: “CBD must be analyzed and evaluated to certify that it is pure and free from harmful toxins and pesticides and chemicals. CBD must be verified that it can provide the claimed and listed benefits”.

cannabidiol in america

It turns out that the company is known for much more than just producing strong, potent CBD: They have varying strengths of what is considered a product made from superior plant genetics. Terravidaonline literally manage the entire distribution chain, from producing raw natural ingredients, such as CBD isolate, to CBD wholesale, white label and an award winning affiliate program that has important industry names on board, including major magazines.

Other CBD brands to be aware of:

Indeed there are many “me too” brands – and also major brands in CBD. Remember that the size of a brands distribution and visibility on Ebay and Amazon does not mean it produces a superior product. It still comes down to non GMO certification and organic farming practices that will guarantee a superior product. A few brands to name, include Hempworx, CBDistilery, Bluebird botanicals, Elixinol, Hemplucid, Endoca, CBDMD, Sagely naturals – and HempMeds.

What to check for when buying your CBD:

Certainly most smart consumers would look for a bulk product deal – since it is possible to save up to 30% when buying a 6 month supply. But be aware: CHEAP CBD may not be ideal unless you can be certain that the product is “made in USA” where organic farming and non-GMO certification can be verified. Also look for brands that are endorsed by Doctors: as they deal with many patients who experience the benefits – and are therefore likely to know when a CBD brand delivers results.

Check with your Doctor to find a recommendation of a colleague who specializes in illnesses that are treated with CBD – do some homework before adding your next bulk order. FDA warnings and notices are good to monitor, in case things change in the industry.



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