Cannabis Data: Proceedings till date of Canadian pot legalization system

After two months of the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the new Canada cannabis dominion is still working its way out of certain problems related to the supply and execution of new rules. The government underwent rounds of discussion regarding the legalization of cannabis before the verdict was released. The government had set initial goals such as “keeping the drug out of the reach of children and teenagers”, thereby assuring safety during the supply of recreational marijuana. A report from an eminent media reports on whether the goals set by the government are met or not after two months of the legalization of cannabis.

The Cannabis Act suggests that individuals who are 18 years and above can legally buy the stuff, process it, and can grow the weed, but in small amounts. This growth is not supposed to be for a commercial scale, and only for self-consumption. The different provinces are allowed to set their own age-restrictions regarding the purchase and have set it to 19 years. Quebec’s new Coalition Avenir Quebec government has decided to increase the legal age to 21 years. Despite the legalization in the age, major steps to control the distribution and use amongst youngsters is still undecided. There exists confusion whether the legalization will reduce the trend amongst the kids in a true sense or not.

The cannabis act has however not dealt with the criminals with records fairly. The government had decided to pardon the criminals charged due to the possession of more than 30 grams of cannabis. It still holds a decision to allow simple pot possession to those criminals. Although a pardon can make the guilty not repeat the act, the assurance is still a question. It does not remove the record.

The federal government has requested to regulate the safety and quality assurance to the people and establish a stringent system in production, growth, distribution, and selling of medical cannabis. Even after the pledge, many residents have complained about moldy cannabis. Such an instance was reported by a manufacturer RedeCan, refound its B.E.C. strain in November from Ontario and British Columbia.

The Canadian Press continued to receive illegal weed from a lot of dispensaries. This illegal trading has come up mainly because of the delayed delivery in Ontario Cannabis Store after the first month of the legal verdict. The delayed delivery by OCS was again related to the high demand for the products.

It is not just the recreational cannabis shortage and delay, but the medical cannabis non-availability or delayed delivery of the product has also been seen.

The Bill C-46 outlines the punishment for drug offenses more than a critical level in the blood. The Drager Drug Test 5000 device measures the drug-concentrate in the saliva. Many critics have said that the test takes a lot of time does not work properly in sub-zero temperatures. But this statement has been defended by the federal government as they have approval by Drugs and Driving Committee.

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