Markham and Mississauga councilors opt out from hosting cannabis retail stores

There have come up two Toronto-area municipalities that have finally fixed a conclusion regarding cannabis retail stores. They have decided not to allow the cannabis retail stores to operate in their area of jurisdiction. The councilors of Mississauga and Markham polled this Wednesday to take a step back from hosting private cannabis retail shops that are expected to take the market by a storm next spring.

Bonnie Crombie, the mayor of Mississauga mentioned in a press meet that there is a lot of confusion and proper justification of why the retail stores are supposed to be opened, has not been given. Moreover, he adds, the Toronto provincial government has not given the municipalities the complete charge to decide about the location of the shops. Therefore, they have decided not to entertain cannabis stores, for any unjustified reasons. The decision taken is for the present situation, and the decision may be altered for a good reason after consulting the community, says Bonnie.

A similar expression has also come up from Markham’s mayor, Frank Scarpitti who mentioned in a tweet about the cannabis store decision. The mayor mentioned that 12 out of 13 councilors opted for a major no and therefore the conclusion to keep cannabis sale out of the city was drawn.

While in Ontario, a different situation has been encountered. The municipality has chosen over to let the cannabis retailing being carried out in their area, but currently, it is restricted to online orders at government website only. Though not surprised, Lisa Campbell, the chairperson of the Ontario Cannabis Consumer & Retail Alliance is quite disappointed to find out about the strong decisions taken by Mississauga, Markham, Brampton, and other municipalities.

The legal medical cannabis is as safe as walking into an alcohol shop. If bars and liquor shops could be present at every nook and corner of the province, then why can’t a medically important shop be allowed, Lisa raises a question.

Lisa Campbell believes that the non-allowance of cannabis shops in an area is paving a direct pathway for the growth of a black market for the product that then becomes an impossible target to hit and control. In Ontario, the government website to order cannabis online has already taken the front but the issue is that much of the population is not educated enough to access the stuff online. Hence, the stores are the only way of their approach to medical cannabis.

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