Erie County measles patient diagnosis causes outbreak concern

A threat is posed to a number of people across Erie due to a measles-infected person who went around to eight different places carrying the infection. The Erie resident traveled from December 4 and last Tuesday thereby exposing the population who has not been vaccinated to a risk. The report is declared by Dr. Gale Burstein, the Erie County Health Commissioner on Wednesday. Measles is one of the most contagious diseases and spreads in no time. The airborne virus can cause very severe infections to those who have not been immunized says the Health Commissioner. About 90 percent of the people exposed to the measles virus acquire the infection.

The resident, whose name and gender has not been disclosed, is actually an Eastern Europe immigrant came to the US on November 27. Since then he has visited Catholic Charities on Herkimer Street, Sweet Home High School, the Department of Health clinic on William Street, Erie County Social Services on Pearl Street, Marshalls on Maple Road, Aldi and Best Buy on Transit Road, and Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.

Post-infection vaccination has not been stretched out in the help of the ailing person as the time frame of providing a vaccine had already surpassed. So, no post-exposure protection could be rendered. The person did not know of the symptoms of the disease and had just been ignorant of the visible conditions as a rash. He was not diagnosed with measles till Monday and had been carrying the contagious conditions since then.

When tested positive for measles, the hospital staff took utmost care and precautions for the patient. The patient is now admitted in an appropriate air-borne isolated chamber. Post proper treatment and reduction of the communicable symptoms, the patient was finally released.

The Department of Health has been notified regarding the same. The family, friends, and hospital staff on duty at the Emergency ward have been warned of exposure and asked to take precautions to avoid a copycat situation.

Most of the population in the USA has been vaccinated for the disease. The chance of an outbreak of the disease is more common amongst those unvaccinated, pregnant women with reduced immunity, newborn babies, infants, and children aged below 5 years.

Since the places of the visit have been disclosed and so is the time of visit, any resident with signs of measles is therefore asked to report at the health care centers at first and clear their doubts.

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