Africa’s first cannabis expo organized at Pretoria without cannabis plants

A very interesting expo has been planned in Africa for the legalization of Cannabis sale in the country, but the expo was devoid of any Marijuana. Andre Kruger has displayed a cannabis expo at Africa with a complete package of lighting systems which he imported from the USA and superior technology of hydroponics fitting. What was missing was a real cannabis plant.

The expo is a four-day long affair inaugurated in Pretoria this Thursday. The expo mainly marked the newly formed start-ups and industries which occupy the mutually exclusive states in South Africa.

The Constitutional Court had ceased to treat the growth of cannabis in private space as illegal. But this decision that was taken regarding the allowance in September was meant for personal use and not for any trading purposes. A long debate and several rounds of discussion are yet to go to allow the distribution of the drug plant inside or outside the country. Even the public display of cannabis is considered doubtful.

Kruger owns a company Sombrero Hydroponics, had his customers coming up to him with inquiries about cannabis cultivation and use since last September, when the Court gave its verdict. The curious people have rushed to Kruger during the expo. They are now much more comfortable and eased up. They do not worry anymore about the cops interrogating them or intruding into their houses.

Although not everybody has agreed to the ground rules declared, yet hundreds of people are marching towards the expo. A cannabis activist, Steven Thapelo Khundu was also seen to be distributing dried cannabis buds at the entrance.

Even though a lot of discussions, debating, and voting needs to be done in the next two years to make the cannabis laws a little more permeable, the industry is still in a hurry. The industry does not want to keep up any patient in terms of cannabis distribution and sale I the country. The South African court has currently finalized the legal framework to license the cannabis growers and laws against those who do not carry any.

Cannabis Expo’s co-founder Silas Howarth has stated that the industry and market for cannabis are already at its peak in South Africa, which most of the population does not realize in real terms. Many underground medical cannabis industrialists like Itumeleng Tau, who has been into growing cannabis since last 20 years, are expecting that the legalization would probably help them to bring their business out of the blues to the surface. The expo was a very important step taken for such awareness.

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