6-year-old miracle baby “Benedicte” survives Ebola disease in Congo

After news of the deadly Ebola disease taking lives created a sense of despair among the people living on the African continent, this recent news has surely brought in the silver lining in the cloudy sky. A young female infant, who was recently diagnosed with the deadly Ebola just after 6 days of being born, miraculously survived. This news was confirmed by the health officials from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

She was named Benedicte by her mother who was also infected with the Ebola disease. Her mother died during the childbirth after which Benedicte started showing symptoms of the disease. It took around 5 weeks with round-the-clock treatment protocol just to keep the baby alive and functioning.

Baby Benedicte was taken home by her aunt and dad on Wednesday. A spokeswoman for the health ministry mentioned that Thomas, her father is very emotional at the moment given the fact that he lost his wife but managed to save his very first baby.

Ebola has been spreading like wildfire all throughout the continent of Africa and cases have been reported in various other continents as well. This is a particularly deadly infection which starts with severe fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and ultimately internal & external bleeding. About half infected with this disease eventually die. Babies affected with Ebola are even more prone to death by infection. However, Benedicte miraculously survived.

During the Ebola outbreak, a total of 27 cases for children were registered. All of them were yet to attain the 1year age mark. Of this lot, 21 succumbed to the effects of the disease. Survival tales like the ones of Benedicte are pretty rare.

This miracle child was born dated 31st October 2018. She was nursed at Ebola Treatment Center located in Beni. This city is the one hit hardest by the effects of Ebola Outbreak in Congo. She was the youngest being taken care of by the volunteers and doctors at the center. She came to be known as “Miracle of Beni”.

Ebola is a viral disease killing almost 50 percent of patients diagnosed with the same. It infects humans via close connection with the infected animals such as fruit bats, chimpanzees, and the forest antelope. People carry this infection till the virus surges through the bloodstream. This can go as long as 7 weeks post recovery. This is the 2nd largest Ebola outbreak in history. With the latest figure confirming 515 cases with 303 deaths.

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