Toronto Municipality Staff Advocates Initiation of Cannabis Stores in City

The Toronto municipality staff is advocating that the city council should not withdraw the decision of permitting cannabis retail stores. Inhibiting cannabis retail stores would lead to an unplanned outcome letting the smugglers and illegal suppliers overtake the market. This would lead to a condition where the supply could no longer be limited down to a particular level. The illegal market will some or the other way continues to operate in the city underground if the retail stores are opted out, mentioned the Toronto City council in a press meet.

The illegal supply would erode away all the efforts made by the government to control the use of the drug, especially amongst the youngsters. Enforcing a measure to cut short the retail units or shut them completely for restricting the sale in the city limits, will also require a good police force and effort to handle the trouble therefore created.

In accordance with the legislature, the Ontario government allowed the functioning of some private cannabis retailers and stores, but the conditions applied upon them are strict enough. The stores are to be opened by April 1. The stores must be situated at least 150 meters away from the schools and other educational institutions. Any youngster under the age of 19 years is strictly prohibited to visit such places. The stores are supposed to maintain and stick to their time-limits that are from 9 AM to 11 PM, however, on any day of the week. The retailers must seek applications, permit, and registration number to run a shop.

The applications for acquiring license will start from December 17. This is restricted for the illegal retailers who continued to operate after October 17.

According to the report by the Toronto staff, there were over 92 illegal shops that were functional until the legalization became mandatory. After this, 56 out of these 92 traders shut down the shops. As of till November, there is an estimation of the presence of 11 illegal shops in operation.

Mayor John Tory has requested the government to let the municipal authorities decide the location of cannabis stores and more power to control the same. This would maximize the well-being of the residents, children, and youngsters. Plus, an additional check could be better controlled in such a case.

The best way to the problem is the procurement of marijuana through online government retailer, the Ontario Cannabis Store.

About $40 Million will be handed over to the local government in two rounds to help them legalize marijuana sale.

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