New Zealand jump starts new law for wide availability of medical marijuana

On Tuesday, the government of New Zealand passed a bill into law that allows the growth of medical marijuana to be made available for thousands of patients over a period of time. This law was passed after a lot of claims, protests and campaigns put up by the patients suffering through chronic diseases. Marijuana is the only drug for their relief, say the patients. The health minister of New Zealand David Clarke has also supported the argument that favors the ailing patients. With the decision been taken, the patients on the verge of their death, will no more suffer from the intense pain due to their body disorders, said Clarke.

Legalizing marijuana also includes granting the patients to smoke a pot of the drug, without being held for prosecution. The law will now present a way for the medical companies who were previously interested to bring in new formulations for pain-relieving medicines. Thus, they can now be exposed to both local as well as global markets. Not just the medical companies, the wait of the Maori community of tribes residing in the East coast of the North Island has also come to an end by this decision. The community was in hope for years long that the illegal industry would one day be declared as legal and so was it.

This drastic step definitely comes along with a planned and regulated poll on the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. The government has committed to holding the voting within two years, as to gain the confidence of the agreement signed with its associate partner, the Greens. The referendum to be held by the governing body will set an example for the world about how to get the things right.

The decision made by the government has been appreciated by the campaigners. The citizens will take this as a message of encouragement said Sandra Murray, manager of the #makeitlegal campaign.

Although, the opposition has criticized the law mentioning that the youth will for sure be attracted to the drug and use it for recreational purposes. A lazy and dangerous move they say, the law might pose a threat to such youngsters and others. Unless it is for medical use, the legalization is acceptable, but loose smoking of such stuff in the public should strongly be prohibited.

The government is yet to act regarding the legalization, licensing, and regulations on the use and sale of marijuana.

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