Coram’s Crackdown on Underage Vape Sales

In a recent compliance check in Coram, Suffolk County Police arrested a man for selling flavored vape products to an underage individual. This arrest is part of a larger effort to enforce age compliance in the sale of vape products following community complaints.

On May 13, officers from the Sixth Precinct Crime Section conducted checks at seven locations in Coram. Their mission was to ensure that local businesses were not selling vape products to individuals under the age of 21. This operation was a direct response to concerns raised by the community about underage access to such products.

During the checks, one store was found to be non-compliant. Muhammad Sherwani, an employee at Smiley Convenience Smoke Shop, was caught selling flavored vape products to an undercover agent who was underage. A large quantity of flavored vape products was seized from the location as evidence.

Legal Repercussions

Following the arrest, Sherwani was issued a Field Appearance Ticket. He is scheduled to be arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip at a later date. The arrest highlights the ongoing battle against the illegal sale of vape products to minors, a concern that has been escalating with the rise in vape use among youth.

The Suffolk County Police Department’s proactive approach serves as a warning to other retailers that non-compliance with age restrictions on vape sales will not be tolerated. It also reassures the community that their complaints are being taken seriously and acted upon.

Community Impact

The arrest in Coram is more than just a single legal incident; it represents a growing awareness and intolerance for underage vaping. By enforcing the law, the police are not only upholding public health standards but also supporting the community’s desire for a safe environment for its youth.

The implications of this arrest extend beyond the immediate legal consequences for the individual involved. It sets a precedent for other communities facing similar issues and underscores the importance of vigilance and enforcement in the sale of age-restricted products.

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