Massive Drug Disposal in Cyberabad: Over 5 Tons of Marijuana Incinerated

In an unprecedented move, the Cyberabad Drug Disposal Committee has successfully carried out one of the largest drug disposal operations in recent history.

The committee, led by DCP Crimes K. Narasimha, with members including ACP Cybercrimes Ravinder Reddy and Narcotics Inspector Shiva Prasad, oversaw the destruction of a staggering 5006.9 kilograms of marijuana. This monumental task was not just about the quantity but also the message it sends to drug traffickers and the society at large.

The operation was meticulously planned and executed, ensuring that all legal protocols were followed. The drugs destroyed were part of various cases accumulated over the past three years, spanning across multiple police stations in the Cyberabad region.

The Process of Destruction

The destruction took place at GJ Multiclave (India) Pvt. Ltd., a common biomedical waste treatment and disposal facility located in Edulapally. The process was not only about eliminating illegal substances but also about adhering to environmental standards to prevent any adverse impact.

The committee members, along with other officials, were present to witness this significant event. The drugs incinerated included not only marijuana but also other psychotropic substances, sending a clear signal of zero tolerance towards narcotics.

Impact and Future Steps

This operation has set a precedent for drug disposal in India, showcasing the commitment of law enforcement agencies to combat drug-related crimes. It also highlights the importance of inter-departmental collaboration and community support in these efforts.

The Cyberabad Drug Disposal Committee’s action is a step forward in the ongoing battle against drug abuse and trafficking. It serves as a reminder of the continuous vigilance required to keep our communities safe from the scourge of drugs.

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