Vape Alert: PDEA’s Crackdown on Marijuana-Infused Vapes

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has issued a stern warning against the surge in marijuana-infused vaping products. This alert comes in the wake of a series of anti-narcotics operations that have revealed a worrying trend in the consumption of these illegal substances.

Recent operations by PDEA have brought to light the covert spread of marijuana-laced vapes, particularly among the youth. The agency’s findings indicate a growing domestic demand for these products, which are often disguised as legitimate vaping liquids. The concern is that these cannabis extracts could easily mislead consumers, especially younger individuals, given their prevalence in the vaping culture.

In a notable operation in Taguig City, PDEA, in collaboration with local police, apprehended two individuals and confiscated cannabis oil, marijuana kush, and various vaping devices valued at approximately P842,000. Another alarming discovery involved the interception of eighteen balikbayan boxes filled with cannabis oil and marijuana kush hidden inside e-cigarettes, estimated to be worth around P337 million.

Health Risks and Legal Implications

The PDEA’s warning emphasizes the health hazards associated with marijuana-infused vapes and the legal consequences of using such products. The agency is enhancing its monitoring capabilities to detect both physical and online vape shops that might be selling these illegal items. PDEA’s efforts also extend to urging regulatory bodies to implement stricter measures against the sale and distribution of cannabis-flavored e-cigarettes and related paraphernalia.

A Call for Vigilance

The PDEA’s crackdown on marijuana-infused vapes is a call to action for the public to remain vigilant. The agency’s proactive stance is aimed at preventing the potential addiction risks posed by these products and ensuring that consumers are not inadvertently exposed to illegal substances. The PDEA’s message is clear: stay informed, stay cautious, and help combat the proliferation of these hazardous products.

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