Pioneering Precision: The Pittcon Cannabis Testing Bootcamp

The Pittcon Conference & Expo, renowned for its scientific education and networking, has introduced a comprehensive Cannabis Testing Bootcamp. This initiative is designed to address the growing need for standardized testing in the burgeoning cannabis industry. The bootcamp offers an in-depth look at the analytical techniques required for the chemical analysis of cannabis plant materials and products.

The bootcamp, led by experts in the field, covers a range of topics crucial for the accurate analysis of cannabis. Participants delve into the intricacies of mass spectrometry (MS) detectors, exploring the relative merits of techniques like GC/MS and LC/MS, including tandem mass spectrometry. These methods are lauded for their sensitivity and selectivity, essential for the complex mixtures found in cannabis.

Attendees gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge equipment and learn about the importance of standard operating procedures (SOPs), quality assurance (QA), and quality control (QC). The course also emphasizes method validation, ensuring that laboratory personnel can confidently assess the potency, purity, and safety of cannabis products.

Expanding Knowledge and Expertise

The bootcamp is tailored for a diverse audience, from employees of new cannabis testing laboratories to university students eyeing a future in cannabis analytics. It also caters to entrepreneurs producing cannabis-derived products and vendors supplying chromatography equipment and mass spectrometers.

Through a systematic series of lectures and practical sessions, participants are equipped with the knowledge to perform potency testing using HPLC and PDA, identify residual solvents and terpenes with GC/MS, and detect pesticides and mycotoxins through LC/MS techniques. The course also covers ICP/MS methods for determining heavy metals absorbed by cannabis plants.

Cultivating a New Era of Cannabis Science

The Pittcon Cannabis Testing Bootcamp is more than just a course; it’s a gateway to the future of cannabis science. As the industry evolves, the demand for skilled analysts grows, making this bootcamp an invaluable resource for those looking to make their mark in this dynamic field.

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