Global Cannabis Update: A Tale of Legal Shifts and Industry Setbacks

The global cannabis landscape is witnessing a series of significant developments, from record-high arrests in Japan to setbacks in Australia’s hemp sector, and a landmark legal harvest in Morocco. These events reflect the diverse approaches to cannabis regulation and the industry’s evolving challenges and triumphs.

Japan has seen an unprecedented surge in cannabis-related criminal cases, with 6,482 incidents reported in 2023. This marks a historic increase, with the majority of these cases involving youth, particularly individuals in their teens and twenties. This trend is concerning, as it represents a shift in drug use patterns and poses new challenges for Japanese society.

Australia’s Hemp Hurdle

In contrast to Japan’s stringent stance, Australia is experiencing a societal shift towards the decriminalization of cannabis, with a significant portion of the population advocating for regulated personal adult use. However, the Australian hemp industry is facing a major setback due to the government’s refusal to fund a key expansion project, leaving the sector’s growth ambitions in limbo.

Morocco’s Legal Cannabis Leap

Morocco celebrates a successful legal cannabis harvest of 294 tons, overseen by the National Agency for the Regulation of Cannabis-Related Activities (ANRAC). This milestone underscores Morocco’s strategic move to embrace cannabis for therapeutic and industrial purposes, setting a precedent in the region.

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