Vape Industry at a Crossroads: Disposable Bans Deemed Ineffective by Industry Leader

The UK’s largest tobacco firm’s chief executive has sparked a debate with his recent statement that banning disposable vapes will not be effective. This bold claim comes as the government plans to implement new regulations aimed at curbing the use of these products.

Tadeu Marroco, the CEO of British American Tobacco (BAT), has voiced his concerns over the proposed ban on disposable vapes. He argues that similar bans in other countries have not yielded the desired results, pointing to the high usage of illegal market vapes by teenagers in Australia and Brazil as evidence.

Marroco suggests that instead of outright bans, there should be a focus on preventing underage vaping through retail licensing and banning flavors that appeal to children, such as sweets and soft drinks.

Enforcement and Penalties

The effectiveness of any ban largely depends on enforcement. Marroco believes that the proposed on-the-spot fines of £100 are insufficient and calls for more substantial penalties, similar to the €100,000 fines proposed in France.

He also warns of unintended consequences for retail and law enforcement from the government’s plan to continually raise the smoking age, effectively making it illegal for anyone born in or after 2009 to ever purchase tobacco legally.

Looking Ahead

As the UK government moves forward with its plans, the debate continues on the best approach to regulate disposable vapes. With the UK being closely watched by other countries, the outcome of this policy could have international implications.

The industry is at a pivotal moment, with decisions made now likely to shape the future of vaping regulation both in the UK and abroad.

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