Large Cannabis Operation Found at Four Properties on South Auckland Street

In a significant drug bust, police in South Auckland uncovered a large cannabis operation spanning four properties on a Manurewa street. The operation, which has an estimated street value of up to $600,000, was discovered following tip-offs from the public. Counties Manukau Police executed four search warrants, leading to the seizure of 357 cannabis plants at various stages of maturity, totaling 444 kilograms. Despite the significant find, no arrests have been made, and police are continuing their inquiries to locate those responsible.

Discovery and Seizure

The discovery of the large cannabis operation in South Auckland was the result of diligent police work and public cooperation. Acting on information received from local residents, the Counties Manukau Police’s Tactical Crime Unit conducted a series of coordinated raids on four flats in Manurewa. During the search, officers found 357 cannabis plants at different stages of growth, with approximately half of the plants nearing maturity for harvesting.

In addition to the plants, a significant amount of packaged cannabis was found hidden inside an oven in one of the flats. The total weight of the seized cannabis amounted to 444 kilograms, with an estimated street value ranging between $200,000 and $600,000. Inspector Adam Pyne, the central area commander, expressed relief at the successful operation, emphasizing the importance of removing such a large quantity of illegal drugs from the streets.

Ongoing Investigation

Despite the successful seizure of the cannabis plants, no individuals were present at the properties during the raids. This has prompted an ongoing investigation by the police to identify and apprehend those responsible for the operation. Inspector Pyne stated that the police are committed to holding the perpetrators accountable and are actively pursuing leads to locate them.

The police have urged anyone with additional information about the operation or those involved to come forward. The cooperation of the public has been instrumental in the success of the initial raids, and further assistance is crucial in bringing the responsible parties to justice. The police are determined to dismantle the network behind the operation and prevent similar activities in the future.

Community Impact and Response

The discovery of the large cannabis operation has had a significant impact on the South Auckland community. Residents have expressed a mix of relief and concern, with many grateful for the police’s efforts to address the issue. The presence of such a large-scale illegal operation in a residential area has raised questions about the extent of drug-related activities in the community and the potential risks to public safety.

Local authorities have emphasized the importance of community vigilance and cooperation in combating illegal drug operations. The successful bust serves as a reminder of the critical role that residents play in reporting suspicious activities and supporting law enforcement efforts. The police have reassured the community that they are committed to maintaining public safety and will continue to take decisive action against illegal drug operations.

In conclusion, the discovery of the large cannabis operation in South Auckland highlights the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement in tackling illegal drug activities. The successful seizure of 357 cannabis plants and the ongoing investigation to locate those responsible demonstrate the police’s dedication to addressing the issue. The cooperation of the community remains vital in ensuring the continued success of these efforts and maintaining public safety.

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