Ohio Regulators Issue Provisional Marijuana Licenses to Dozens of Businesses, Readying Imminent Launch of Adult-Use Sales

Ohio’s marijuana market is on the cusp of a significant shift as regulators grant provisional licenses to existing medical marijuana operators, allowing them to transition to dual-use licenses. These licenses pave the way for the state’s recreational cannabis market. Here’s what you need to know:

The Division of Cannabis Control (DCC) in Ohio has approved 62 provisional dual licenses for dispensaries, cultivators, processors, and testing labs. These licenses serve as placeholders while applicants work to meet the necessary requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Operation. The process includes updating point-of-sale technology, enhancing security, and ensuring an adequate supply for patients.

Timeline and Implementation

While provisional license holders cannot immediately sell non-medical cannabis, they must demonstrate compliance with regulations. Once inspections are complete, applicants can obtain a Certificate of Operation for dual sales. The expectation is that compliant dispensaries could become operational within weeks, although the latest issuance date under state law is September 7.

Industry Perspectives

Cresco Labs, a multi-state operator, secured provisional dispensary, cultivator, and processor licenses in Ohio. The speed at which the state is working reflects its priorities and commitment to cannabis reform.

Ohio’s cannabis landscape is poised for transformation, and the dual-use licenses signal an imminent launch of adult-use sales. As the industry adapts, the focus remains on safety, compliance, and meeting the needs of both medical patients and recreational consumers.

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